Oral Presentations

Length: 15 minutes including questions (suggested breakdown 12 mins. for presentation, 3 mins. for questions)

Handy Tips for first-time presenters:

  • Slide Content
    • For a 12 min talk, prepare about 10-15 slides
    • First slide should include presentation title, name, and affiliation
    • Then there should be few slides that introduce the research (in bullet-point format)
    • 1-2 slides on methods
    • A few slides for results
    • 1-2 slides implications
    • reference page for key references
    • Final slide to thank participants, collaborators, etc and the audience!
  • Slide Format
    • Use contrast between fonts and background (e.g.  white font on black background, black font on white background)
    • Keep fonts large
    • Keep styles consistent and complimentary
    • Use animations effectively to emphasize key points or images
    • Stay within one color palette
    • Do not post large blocks of text

Poster Presentations

Suggested Size: 30″ Height x 40″ Width

Handy Tips for first-time presenters:

  • Create your poster in PowerPoint and adjust the slide size to 30″H x 40″W
  • Use several text boxes to mimic the different parts of a research paper (abstract, introduction, methods, results, conclusion, a few key references, and contact information)
  • Keep text large
  • Use graphs, tables, and images to organize and emphasize your findings
  • Practice summarizing your work into a 2-3 minute overview for visitors that highlights what you worked on and the most important findings